Hot Weather Web Site

The Hot Weather web site is a customized weather tool. Here you can get national weather, California weather and other city weather.

There is an assortment of information including surf reports, weather forecasts, satellite images and weather observations in the four sections of the site.

Most links open the original source's location in a frame so you can browse those sites and make your own links if you want to make your own customized site.

For easy iPhone access to this site tap the plus on the bottom bar of your Safari browser to make a Web Clip for your customized iPhone Home screen.

The Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System, added inspiriation for this site. AWIPS 2 is currently being developed by Raytheon.

Is global warming really happening? Check out the 50 year CO2 record from Hawaii.

For definitions about weather terms, see the National Weather Service's JetStream - Online School for Weather.

Thanks to Joe when he was at NRL Monterey, seeing my site running on his computer there was fun, NASA, and Pete Giddings for helping to make the weather exciting when I was growing up and signing an autographed card that my friend, the Colonel gave me.

Reciprocal weather links. Nasa Interesting Server Links, Atmospheric Sciences Ubana-Champaign, Tempete iFrance.

The new Supercluster site is currently under construction.

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